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Congratulations Brighton!

Brighton Pavilion in Sussex has been voted 4th best Tourist Attraction by Trip Advisor and 400,000 visitors a year cannot be wrong.

It is a wonderful place, you cannot help but smile when you see it.

It is the most marvellous architectural romp through all that was being discovered and brought back to England by the East India  Company. Onion domes, minarets, acanthus leaves – eclectic does not describe the half of it. Monochrome  on the outside to show off these feats of cast iron and cladding – and of course, tone it down a little so as not to affect the sensibilities of the local populace – it is a riot of colour and flamboyance on the inside.

Harry Potter meets the Maharajah probably sums it up nicely.

Built for the Prince Regent who later became King George IV it allowed him to let his hair down away from the stuffy London court of his parents, it is a princely pleasure dome. The dining room is truly spectacular with dragons perched over chandeliers, more than 3,000 lamps in all.

Even the kitchens have not been overlooked with palm trees up to the ceiling, but judging by the size of Prinny’s breeches, he was rather keen on his pies!

If you think I am exaggerating, have a peek for yourself, they are currently on show in the Prince Regent Gallery within the Pavilion – Dress for Excess: Fashion in Regency England until February 2012

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