Kent – Garden or vineyard of England?

For hundreds of years the county of Kent has been known as the Garden of England, originally because it supplied nearby London with much of its produce, but should we be thinking of changing that title in light of recent evidence? Last year the Chapel Down vineyard supplied their award winning Rose Brut sparkling wine to HM the Queen for Prince William’s & Catherine’s wedding festivities and now another vineyard’s sparkling wine has achieved success, not with the Monarchy this time but with Parliament.

The Kentish sparkling wine Herbert Hall Traditional Method Brut  2009 has been selected to represent the ‘Best of British’ wines in the House of Commons in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

Herbert Hall is a pocket sized four-hectare gravel & clay vineyard in Marden & is regarded amongst those  who know as one of the most exciting new vineyards in England. The wine style has been described by one writer as a “wistful & romantic creation”, whilst another reports it as “a scented apple orchard in a glass” . Rather charmingly the wine production has been described by its owner as “‘garagiste”. It is from such small acorns as this that majestic oak trees grow, or am I mixing just too many metaphors?


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