Asparagus Day at Penshurst

I’ll be making a specially early start to get to tomorrow’s Penshurst Farmers’ Market the minute it opens because it’s one of the highlights of my culinary year – Asparagus Day. We are trying to grow it at home but it takes a few years to appear in sufficient quantities to move beyond the status of caviar, whereas tomorrow I’ll be able to buy enough for several meals with more for soup!  In true Penshurst fashion they also provide very generous tastings cooked in different ways…

Asparagus is traditionally the first home-grown vegetable of the year. It has a very short season making it the ultimate seasonal treat.  This spring , thanks to the warm weather, asparagus has been available earlier than usual but for the same reason the season may finish earlier so don’t miss out!

The Penshurst Farmers Market is held on the first Saturday of the month, opening at 9.30am and closing at noon.

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